• Newlane

Join the helmet revolution today!

It’s time to get your very own sustainable, packable and, most importantly, safe helmet – and all at an affordable price. The Newlane is now available to pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-order on Indiegogo! The super-early bird offer sold out in just an hour (!) but you can still get the Cyclo at a 50% discount for £30.

It’s Packable Research confirms that a significant number of riders don’t wear a helmet simply because they’re inconvenient to carry around. That’s why we’ve designed the Newlane to reduce in volume by more than 50% and crucially to pack down to a convenient shape, so it fits in regular workbag alongside other everyday stuff. It’s Sustainable Given rising concerns about the impact our actions have on the planet, we’re committed to doing all we can safeguard the environment. Our helmets are made with recycled materials, some of them taken from the oceans, ensuring we play a part in cleaning up the world. It’s Affordable Foldable helmets are available. However, the best of them come with a hefty price tag, taking them out of the reach of many riders, especially those who might be new to bikes. Safety shouldn’t only be available to those who can afford it. Our simple 3-piece design and an innovative manufacturing approach (single-shot injection moulding) means we’re able to produce a high-quality product at a price to suit everyone. It’s Safe The Newlane is set to surpass all EU and US safety standards. Based around a honeycomb structure (the best that nature has to offer) it provides 68% better impact control than traditional moulded helmets. During 100's of hours of crash simulation it has exceeded safety requirements, something soon to be repeating in real-time tests. It’s Available Now! So if you like the sound of all that, head over to our Indiegogo campaign now to get involved and claim your discount. Thanks to the 100’s of people who’ve already shown their support and backed our innovation. The Newlane will soon be in their hands and on their heads, protecting people and our planet!