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Life in the Newlane - scooters, flying taxis and Vikings

Researchers from the urban design platform Zag have been gathering data from across Europe to understand the size of the shared e-scooter market on the continent.

Here are their key findings:

  • Currently there are 600+ fleets across more than 300 urban areas in 26 European countries.

  • There are more than 360,000 e-scooters for hire on European streets.

  • E-scooter coverage stretches from Rejkjavik in Iceland, to Odessa on Ukraine’s Black Sea and from the Canary Islands in Spain to Trondheim in central Norway.

  • The five biggest European operators are TIER with around 75,000 e-scooters, Voi with 65,000, Lime with 63,000, Bird with 47,000 and Bolt with 42,000.

Check out the full story here.

South Korean manufacturing giants Hanwha and Hyundai are in a race to develop a flying car, with the aim of launching the first air taxi service in the next four years.

Both businesses are close to showcasing a prototype passenger vehicle that takes off and lands vertically.

The next challenge will be the associated infrastructure, regulatory considerations and public perception about this revolutionary mode of transport, being dubbed urban air mobility or UAM.

Price, too, will be a crucial if flying taxis are to really take off. Find out more here.

The Danes love bikes, and their capital city, Copenhagen, is the world’s most cycle-friendly city. The one problem though is that helmets have never become as popular as cycling itself.

To combat this, the Danish Road Safety Council has launched a campaign which pokes gentle fun at those who are too vain to wear a helmet, by recruiting a group that wore theirs with pride - the Vikings.

The film is actually pretty funny - take a look here.