The Newlane Helmet is the first ever truly packable helmet for the urban rider designed with genuine portability in mind. Thanks to our patented Flip-Clip™ Technology, it reduces in volume by 50% to fit into your bag and into your life. 

The future of helmets just flipped

Genuinely convenient

Home grown
British designed, British built

Made with the world in mind

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> Packs to a height of 81mm (normal helmets are 130-150mm)

> Packed ‘frisbee’ shape allows for easy storage in a small day bag 

> Simple user-friendly Flip-Clip™ Technology

> Lighter than other 'foldables' at 410g

> Concept created by ex-Aston Martin engineer

> Developed for manufacture by leading UK helmet designer

> Endorsed by UK-based mobility brands including Brompton Bikes

> Produced at specialist British factory

> Promotes travel habits that don't damage the planet 

> End-of-life recyclability programme in place

> Commitment to becoming a zero-carbon business by 2030

> Directly supports six of the UN SDGs


Most great ideas are born from a problem, and the Newlane helmet is no different. In 2018 Josh was travelling between meetings in London on a hire bike. Sandwiched by two red buses and a motorbike without a helmet he thought ‘How can this be OK?’ He asked Dom, an experienced rider, if availability and portability of helmets was a problem. Dom agreed it was an issue that needed solving. They set out to create a truly packable and affordable helmet. They brought together a team of design engineers and manufacturing specialists, while gathering insights from cyclists and scooter users to bring their vision to life.  Now after two years of product development, the Newlane is almost ready. 

In a world where sustainable transport is more relevant than ever, people need to be empowered to get moving in ways that protect themselves and our planet. The Newlane helmet has been created to fit in with 21st century urban life.

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